I've been busy writing documents about various subjects for practical purposes or because I like it. Either way, I think this information could be useful to others.

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Linux Programming Math
HP configure raid MySQL Bitwise calculations
- Terminal markup -
- Arduino sine wave -
- Bressenham line algorithm -


Name Language Description Created
Scss tooltip Scss tooltip A small scss file providing tooltip functionallity. Example included, or see it live. 15 May 2017
Logic calculator Shell script (Bash) Generates a logical truth table. 17 Feb 2017
Git blame code search Shell script (Bash) Search and find code, who wrote it and on which line through a regex pattern 6 Jan 2017
Server monitor display Shell script (Bash) A terminal server monitor display. Open a terminal fullscreen and execute the script. Suitable for a Raspberry Pi. 10 Nov 2016