I've been busy writing documents about various subjects for practical purposes or because I like it. Either way, I think this information could be useful to others.

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Linux Programming Math
HP configure raid MySQL Bitwise calculations
Linux exit signals and error codes Terminal markup U-Boot address to dd offset
Locigal volume manager Arduino sine wave -
Apache web server Bressenham line algorithm -
Device and image trees Git cheat sheet -
Debian root file system C/C++ function pointers -
U-Boot cheat sheet Compile against root file system -
Clone a disk - -
ISC DHCP server - -
Bootable Windows USB - -


Name Language Description Created
Apt download Bash Tool to download packages and its dependencies without root privileges. 2019 November 17
Network usage C++ A small program that prints the network usage from /sys/class/net/wlan0/statistics. 2019 June 20
Disk usage C++ A small program that prints the disk usage from /sys/block/sda/stat. 2019 June 18
Cpu usage C++ A small program that prints the cpu usage from /proc/stat. 2019 June 17
PCI peek and poke C (Linux device driver) Write to any PCI device through commandline. 2019 June 10
Run scripts on time Shell (Bash) Run a script on a specified time so you can go home early. 2019 June 07
Number to binary Pyhton 3 Convert a base N number to base 2 (binary) number. 2019 May 31
SVN export patch Shell script (Bash) Export 'commits' to patches in a SVN repo. 2019 May 15
Saturate script Shell script (Bash) Saturate shell (Bash) scripts. 2019 April 23
Dice roller Shell script (Bash) Roll multiple dice at once. 2019 April 14
Scss tooltip Scss tooltip A small scss file providing tooltip functionallity. Example included, or see it live. 2017 May 15
Logic calculator Shell script (Bash) Generates a logical truth table. 2017 Feb 17
Git blame code search Shell script (Bash) Search and find code, who wrote it and on which line through a regex pattern 2017 Jan 6
Server monitor display Shell script (Bash) A terminal server monitor display. Open a terminal fullscreen and execute the script. Suitable for a Raspberry Pi. 2016 Nov 10

Useful URLs

Name URL Description
ShellCheck Debug shell errors
Regex101 Build and test regexes (PCRE, EMAscript, Python, Golang). Does not support POSTFIX regex.
Octave Don't want to pay for Matlab? Use Octave! It considers Matlab to be a subset.
Perf event tests Perf event tests Fuzz testing to find kernel bugs.